The Holy Shrine is a digital bookshelf of reviews, observations and snark on film (and perhaps pop culture in general) for my family and friends’ perusal, much like The Pillow Book series (2002 – 2004) or Singing Fish (2009 -2011). It was started at their request.

The term “Holy Shrine” was a nickname given to a collection of VHS tapes my friends and I collectively owned during our teens. It contained what we decided were some of the worst films ever made; namely Episodes I & II of the Star Wars franchise and a graveyard of oddities from the late ’90s. I won’t list all of them here at the risk of offending anyone but I’m pretty sure Exit Wounds was in there.

If you’re here chances are you’re probably someone I know. Unless you aren’t. Are you a complete stranger? No matter. Welcome to the Shrine.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I think you should go through every movie in the VHS shrine collection and review it, starting with “The Reflecting Skin” and everything else David Thewlis is in.

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