flannel bell: the novel mixtapes

(art courtesy of Pauline Moss, Carol Bove and Loft25)

For the past ten years I’ve been working on a novel called flannel bell, and during that time I’ve been compiling playlists that have been incidental to its creation.  I recently took all of this material and created three mixtapes/sound collages featuring music, field recordings, track edits and various digital effects.  Each of these pieces link to the novel in a different way.

This isn’t the first time I’ve done this.  I used to do the same thing when I was a child, writing novels about animals then creating a makeshift soundtrack by recording various tracks to a blank (or well-used) cassette.  Years later I started doing the same thing, only this time I’m writing about people.  I also have more skills and tools at my disposal.  I was even able to add recordings of my own and blend various tracks together, creating something makeshift but new.

The intention with this was not only to catalog my influences but add another dimension to my writing and the work that has gone into it.  Besides, it was challenging and fun- outlining the soundtrack, sound design and score for an unmade film.

Tracks for each piece are listed below as well as their original contexts.  You can download all flannel bell “mix-collages” as a package by visiting here (via Box)

– – –

flannel bell I

Music discovered during the early writing stages that related to plot points of the book (compiled and listened to from 2008 – 2012).

1) Rachel Korine – “Hangman, Hangman (The Gallows Pole)” (from Mister Lonely, 2008)
2) Aphex Twin – “Avril 14th” (from Drukqs, 2001)
3) CocoRosie – “Terrible Angels” (from La Maison de Mon Rêve, 2004)
4) PJ Harvey – “Grow Grow Grow” (from From The Basement, 2007)
5) Grimes – “Caladan (flannel bell edit)” (from Geidi Primes, 2010)
6) The White Stripes – “Red Death At 6:14” (from Red Death At 6:14, 2002)
7) Charlotte Gainsbourg – “Trick Pony” (from IRM, 2009)
8) Psapp – “Velvet Pony” (from Tiger, My Friend, 2004)
9) Stina Nordenstam – “Clothe Yourself For The Wind” (from This Is, 2001)
10) Wolf Parade – “You Are A Runner And I Am My Father’s Son” (from Apologies To The Queen Mary, 2005)
11) Beach House – “Used To Be (Acoustic)” (from Shoot The Player, 2008)
12) Calico Horse – “Idioteque” (self-released, 2008)
13) Beck – “Walls” (from Modern Guilt, 2008)
14) Beach House – “Real Love” (from Teen Dream, 2010)
15) The White Stripes – “This Protector” (from White Blood Cells, 2001)

– – –

flannel bell II

Diegetic music from the novel as it would be heard onscreen, composed of songs overheard or specifically mentioned in the text.  The songs are played from various sources, including record players, radios, cassette tapes, etc.

1) Alexandre Mogilevsky – “Air On The G String” (recorded in Japan, 1932)
2) Édith Piaf – “La Vie En Rose” (from La Vie En Rose / Un Refrain Courait Dans La Rue, 1947)
3) catherine tuning the radio
4) Renaissance Chamber Orchestra – “Ombra Mai Fui” (from A Baroque Festival, 1994)
5) des tuning the radio
6) London Symphony Orchestra – “Concerto No. 4 In F Minor, Op. 8 RV 297: ‘Winter’ – Allegro Non Molto” (from Le Quattro Stagioni, 1981)
7) Stealers Wheel – “Stuck In The Middle With You” (from Stealers Wheel, 1972)
8) Patsy Cline – “Walking After Midnight” (from Patsy Cline, 1957)
9) Hans Hotter & Gerald Moore – “Wandrers Nachtlied II Op. 96 D. 768” (from Schubert: Schwanengesang – Winterreise Lieder, 1949)
10) Elliott Smith – “No Name #3” (from Roman Candle, 1994)
11) Édith Piaf – “La Vie, L’amour” (from La Vie, L’amour, 1961)
12) Alain Lombard & Orchestra Du Theatre – “Lakmé, Act I No. 2: Duetto (The Flower Duet)” (from Lakmé, 1971)
13) Czech Philharmonic Orchestra – “Symphony No. 7 In A Major Op. 92” (from Tribute To Václav Neumann – Beethoven Symphonies Nos. 7 & 8, 1990)

– – –

flannel bell III

A makeshift film score using music and field recordings, depicting the (non)chronological way the narrative unfolds.

1) Colleen – “One Night And It’s Gone” (from Everyone Alive Wants Answers, 2003)
2) Beatrice Harrison – “Nightingales” (field recording, 1927)
    Unknown – “The Sound Of Rain” (field recording, 2015)
    Tom Waits – “Rainbirds” (from Swordfishtrombones, 1983)
3) Aphex Twin – “Avril Altdelay / Avril 14th Reversed Music Not Audio” (self-released, 2014)
4) Speculator – “Share” (from Friendship Bracelet Club Vol. 3, 2010)
5) Keaton Henson – “Gabe” (from Kindly Now, 2016)
6) Colleen – “Mining In The Rain” (from The Golden Morning Breaks, 2005)
7) Broadcast – “Tunnel View (Demo)” (self-released, 2017)
8) laudanum at 33 – “crickets” (field recording in northfield, circa 2009)
9) Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions – “Baby Let Me” (from Bavarian Fruit Bread, 2001)
10) Ekin Fil – “Anything Anywhere” (from Ekin Fil, 2013)
11) Rafael Anton Irisarri – “Displacement” (from A Fragile Geography, 2015)
12) Unknown – “Slow Ocean Waves” (field recording, date unknown)
13) Cool Angels – “Keep Me With You / Pearl” (from Slow Chase Scenes, 2013)
14) Ekin Fil – “Unaware This Time / Senses / Captain” (from Language, 2011 & Wind Is Near, 2014)
15) Lisa Germano – “Dark Irie” (from On The Way Down From The Moon Palace, 1991)
16) Unknown – “Distant Trains” (field recording, date unknown)
17) Grimes – “Beast Infection”(from Geidi Primes, 2010)
18) Cool Angels – “Itsok” (from Demure, 2011)
19) Grouper – “You Never Came” (from Cover The Windows And The Walls, 2007)
20) Radiohead – “All I Need / Videotape” (from The Age Of Drone’s In Rainbows, 2011)
21) Colleen – “I’ll Read You A Story” (from The Golden Morning Breaks, 2005)

– – –