Gilded: A Sex/Death Mixtape

(Art by Serena Cole)

Tracks about sex, death, poverty, loss, falling, flying and/or standing upright in the face of an ending world.

Download Gilded here (via Box)

1) Björk – “Cocoon” (from The Age Of Drone’s Vespertine, 2015)
2) James Baldwin – “On Honesty & Integrity” (from Keaton Henson Presents: Honestly, 2016)
3) ANOHNI – “Four Degrees” (Forest Swords Remix) (from Dazed Mix: Forest Swords, 2017)
4) Shirley Collins – “Space Girl” (from Rocket Along, 1960)
5) Massive Attack & Georgina Spelvin – “Paradise Circus” (from official video promoting Heligoland, 2009)
6) Stina Nordenstam – “The Diver (Treyquan Remix)” (self-released, 2012)
7) Portishead vs. Tricky – “Glory Is Around The Corner” (self-released, 2010)
8) Russian Circles – “Memorial” (from Memorial, 2013)
9) Björk – “Stonemilker” (Forest Swords Edit) (from Dazed Mix: Forest Swords, 2017)
10) Radiohead – “Reckoner” (from The Age Of Drone’s In Rainbows, 2015)
11) Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange – “Falling” (from Inventions For Radio: The Dreams, 1964)


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