Clinomania: A Post-Holidays Mixtape

Clinomania (n.) 1. An excessive desire to remain in bed.

These songs aren’t curated, but played in shuffle order during a car ride several months ago.  Now they’re providing the perfect soundtrack for laying under heaps of blankets today.

Download Clinomania here (via Box)

1) Ekin Fil – “Father” (from Ekin Fil, 2013
2) Grimes – “Dragvandil” (from Halfaxa, 2010)
3) Aphex Twin – “Avril Altdelay” (self-released, 2014)
4) Forest Swords – “If Your Girl” (from Dagger Paths, 2010)
5) Lykke Li – “I Follow Rivers” (from iTunes Session, 2010)
6) The Conet Project – “5 Dashes” (from Recordings Of Shortwave Numbers Stations, 1997)
7) Colleen – “A Bear Is Trapped” (from Colleen Et Les Boîtes à Musique, 2006)
8) Lydia Ainsworth – “Earthquake” (self-released, 2013)
9) Tori Amos – “Losing My Religion” (from Higher Learning, 1995)
10) Nick Drake – “From The Morning” (from Pink Moon, 1972)


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