Valentijn / Dirsche: A Day To Night Mixtape

(Collage by David Burns and Austin Young of Fallen Fruit)

I’ve netted a variety of interesting tracks over the past few weeks- both old and new- and found the only way to present them was through a progression from one kind of sound to another, in this case from day to night.

Among them you’ll hear things as diverse as an instrumental cover of The Golden Girls theme, a throwback featured on Rick and Mortythe end credits to the harrowing Snowtown, a children’s choir singing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” backwards and samples of Charlotte Gainsbourg‘s voice over Cocteau Twins“Beatrix.”  Enjoy the oddness.  I sure have.

Download Valentijn / Dirsche here (via Box)


1) Lisa Germano – “Bad Attitude” (from Happiness, 1994)
2) Angel Olsen – “Shut Up Kiss Me” (from My Woman, 2016)
3) Beach House – “She’s So Lovely” (from Thank Your Lucky Stars, 2015)
4) Jed Kurzel – “The End” (from Snowtown, 2011)


5) Mazzy Star – “Look On Down From The Bridge” (from Among My Swan, 1996)
6) The USSR Ministry Of Culture Chamber Choir – “Hymn Of The Cherubim” (from Sacred Treasures – Choral Masterworks From Russia, 1998)


7) Crystal Castles – “Femen (Edit) ” (from Amnesty (I), 2016)
8) Jamie xx – “Gosh” (from In Colour, 2015)
9) Arca – “Cement Garden Interlude” (from Entrañas, 2016)
10) Arca featuring Mica Levi & Massacooraman – “Think Of” (from Entrañas, 2016)
11) St. Vincent – “Thank You For Being A Friend” (self-released, 2016)

Past Midnight

12) Unknown – “The Sound Of Rain” (field recording, 2015)


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