Z To A and The Beginning Is The End  (2016)

(Z To A is an ongoing series: cumulative reviews of my DVD collection in reverse alphabetical order)

Z to A

It has been nearly five years since I began the Z To A series for The Holy Shrine: reviews that address, question or analyze why I own certain films. It’s not only a way to practice writing every month, but to soul search for why I’m drawn to certain stories and images. I can’t say I’ve always succeeded, but during the course of writing these I’ve noted recurring themes and arcs.

Out of this realization I decided to challenge myself and come up with an editing project. Using a split screen scenario (something I’ve always loved, see: the treacle well), I would create a montage of moments from films I’ve begun reviewing- or still need to review- dating back to 2011.

The result is this:

WARNING: this video features graphic images of violence, sexuality and trauma.

This second video is in some ways the first, because it’s where I started. Inspired by Jacob T. Swinney‘s “First and Final Frames” edits, I did a complete catalog of the films I’ve reviewed in reverse alphabetical order, pairing the first and last shots together onscreen.

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