Cipher Songs: Songs From 1998 – 2002

cipher songs

I recently happened upon a CD of the songs that were the most important to me during high school. With the exception of a few (“Good Riddance,” “Never Is A Promise”- which was more from junior high), it seems like they would have been chosen by someone much older.

Download Cipher Songs here (via Box)

1) Björk – “Jóga” (from Homogenic, 1997)
2) OP8 – “Cracklin’ Water” (from Slush, 1997)
3) Stina Nordenstam – “Little Star” (from And She Closed Her Eyes, 1994)
4) The Smashing Pumpkins – “Once In A While” (from Ava Adore, 1998)
5) Kristen Barry – “Ordinary Life” (from Cruel Intentions, 1999)
6) Tori Amos – “i i e e e” (from From The Choirgirl Hotel, 1998)
7) Green Day – “Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)” (from Nimrod, 1997)
8) Joey Santiago – “Damaged Little Fuckers” (from Crime + Punishment In Suburbia, 2000)
9) Garbage – “#1 Crush” (from William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet, 1996)
10) Air – “Highschool Lover” (from The Virgin Suicides, 2000)
11) Fiona Apple – “Never Is A Promise” (from Tidal, 1996)
12) Ani DiFranco – “Joyful Girl (Live)” (from Living In Clip, 1997)
13) UNKLE – “Lonely Soul” (from Psyence Fiction, 1998)
14) Tori Amos – “Never Seen Blue” (from Jackie’s Strength, 1998)
15) Acceleradeck – “Greentone” (Hamlet, 2000)


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