Shelorette: A Late Summer Hymnal


(A portrait of Dogville‘s Grace Mulligan by Lee Yun-hee.)

This playlist sprung from a comparison between two “Bachelorettes,” one composed by Tori Amos and the other by Björk with her frequent collaborator Sjón. Neither of them made it onto here. I suppose they could have been paired with these selections but it wouldn’t have worked. These late summer songs are as heavy and dense as the weather has been, alternating between suffocating humidity and heavy rains.

Most of these songs are midnight music- what I need to write and calm myself at night- utilizing everything from opera samples to distorted blasts of static. To me they sound like modern day hymns.

Download Shelorette here (via Box)

1) FKA twigs – “Figure 8” (from M3LL155X, 2015)
2) Tricky – “Valentine” (from False Idols, 2013)
3) царь of (NEO) – “wedanding,II” (from fall in love, and die a dreamer, 2009)
4) Crystal Castles – “Deicide” (self-released, 2015)
5) St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra – “Requiem – Movement 2a, Sequenz: Dies Irae” (from Mad Max: Fury Road, 2015)
6) Gesaffelstein – “Aleph” (from Aleph, 2013)
7) Majical Cloudz – “Your Eyes” (from II, 2011)
8) Elite Gymnastics – “Little Things 2” (from RUIN, 2011)


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