Bruisend: An Atypical June Mixtape


June is known for party themes and beach reads, but the weather has only begun to clear out here. In the meantime, I’ve experienced somewhat of a drought when it comes to music. Little holds my attention or sticks in my head, but over the past week or so I’ve assembled some tracks that I’ve found interesting.

Some songs are old, some new, and nearly all are from voices I’ve featured here before. The exception is a recently discovered recording of my grandmother’s voice, singing her version of Peter DeRose’s “Deep Purple” that brought to mind Big Edie’s “Tea For Two” in Grey Gardens (1975). Finding this recording was part of a project I’ve been working on for months, unearthing sounds and conversations from audiotapes over forty years old.

At this point it leaves me with one hand in the past and one outstretched into the future, carrying more of my heritage forward with me.

Download Bruisend here (via Box)

1) Chelsea Wolfe – “Iron Moon” (from Abyss, 2015)
2) Angel Olsen – “Unfucktheworld” (from Burn Your Fire For No Witness, 2014)
3) Radiohead – “Motion Picture Soundtrack” (from Kid A, 2000)
4) Crystal Castles – “Frail” (self-released, 2015)
5) Björk – “Lionsong (Kareokieijd Remix by Mica Levi)” (self-released, 2015)
6) Cat Power – “Get Things Done / Ocean” (from Joan Of Arc: Live At Western Washington University, 1999)
7) Suzanne Degel – “Deep Purple” (personal field recording, circa 1970s)


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