Threadswindows: A Mid-Winter Mixtape


Due (most likely) to exhaustion, I’ve noticed that the majority of these songs are instrumental. I suppose that’s because at this particular time I’m beyond words, simply working toward getting on my feet again.

Each of them have lived with me at different times over the past month or so, now keeping me company as I organize for the new year and prepare of my first review of 2015: Tarsem’s The Fall (2006). I couldn’t think of a more appropriate time to revisit this particular film, charting despair to hope. Some of its dialogue is featured below.

Keeping that in mind, I suppose these songs do the same thing.

Download Threadswindows here (via Box)

1) Portishead – “Threads” (from Third, 2008)
2) Lee Pace & Catinca Untaru – “I Fell Again” (dialogue from The Fall, 2006)
3) Clams Casino – “The World Needs Change” (from Instrumental Mixtape, 2011)
4) Gesaffelstein – “Nameless” (from Aleph, 2013)
5) Enya – “Watermark” (from Watermark, 1989)
6) Santo & Johnny – “Sleepwalk” (from Santo & Johnny, 1959)
7) Klaus Nomi – “The Cold Song” (from Klaus Nomi, 1981)
8) Aphex Twin – “Avril 14th Reversed Music Not Audio” (self-released, 2014)
9) Mica Levi – “Love” (from Under The Skin, 2014)
10) John Fahey – “Sligo River Blues” (from Blind Joe Death, 1964)
11) Angel Olsen – “Windows” (from Burn Your Fire For No Witness, 2013)


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