Nightvale Transmission: A New Year’s Mixtape

(pictured below: “Norton Place” by Nicholas Boggs )


With the beginning of the year songs have begun piling already. Fresh blood and new discoveries are in order. It’s kind of exciting (and unexpected) so I’ve compiled another of those odd, 3 a.m. kind of playlists. I’m borrowing the name, but then again this compilation isn’t supposed to make sense (like a floating cat).

Here you’ll find stripped-down covers of Lou Reed, Bob Dylan and Aaliyah. There is score from Bambi (1942), The Aristocats (1970), Jane Eyre (2011) and one of the Quaalude sequences in The Wolf Of Wall Street (2013) as well as classics from Satie and Bach. There’s even a mysterious shortwave transmission from the cryptic Conet Project.

Lastly, there is Jim Wilson’s ever mysterious “God’s Chorus Of Crickets” which went viral again last year. Tom Waits once described playing it for fellow musician Charlie Musselwhite and said “he looked at me as if I pulled a Leprechaun out of my pocket.”

I don’t think it gets more strange or “late night” than that. Enjoy.

Download the “Nightvale Transmission” playlist here (via Box)

1) Perfume Genius – “I’m Set Free” (self-released, 2013)
2) Håkon Austbø – “Gnossienne N° 3” (from Erik Satie – Piano Music, 2005)
3) L. Pierre – “Man Returns / Scales And Arpeggios” (excerpted from Neverland Transmission, 2013)
4) John Eliot Gardiner & Stephen Varcoe – “King Arthur Z. 628: Act 3 ‘What Power Art Thou'” (from The Classical Guide To Purcell, 2008)
5) Gowns – “Cherylee (Edit)” (from Red State, 2008)
6) Forest Swords – “If Your Girl” (from Dagger Paths, 2010)
7) Dario Marianelli & Jack Liebeck – “Awaken” (from Jane Eyre, 2011)
8) Chelsea Wolfe – “Lone” (from Insound Session, 2013)
9) The Conet Project – “tcp d1 1 the swedish rhapsody iridial” (from The Conet Project, 1997)
10) Andreas Scholl – “Mass In B Minor, BWV 232 – Agnus Dei” (from H-Moll-Messe, 1996)
11) My Brightest Diamond – “Make You Feel My Love” (self-released, 2013)

And lastly:

11) Jim Wilson – “God’s Chorus Of Crickets” (excerpted from God’s Chorus Of Crickets, 1992)


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