Is The Shrine On Hiatus? This Time, Definitely Yes

please stand by

I’ll be brief. A bit of a life change has come my way and in preparing for it my efforts at the Shrine (fun as they are) have fallen by the wayside. My next entry, a Z to A on the Kill Bill films, is still in the pipeline for now. But believe me- there is so much more I want to add to the cache that I haven’t had time for. I’m hoping that after things settle down I’ll be able to pursue them. I’ve wanted to for quite some time.

These projects include the following (see below). Feel free to comment on what you find most interesting, least interesting, not interesting at all. Basically, whatever you want, although I doubt anyone will.

Well Said: The Best Film Commentaries I’ve Heard
5 Sex Scenes That Melted My Face
5 Sex Scenes That Hurt My Brain
Food For Thought: Gaspar Noé & The Womb
And The Film Just Goes On Forever: My Favorite Film Endings

I’m also thinking of some sort of film manifesto, but it will be quite some time before that happens. Another aside involves my fashion inspirations, which I think would just be… well, pretty damn funny.

Other than Kill Bill I have no other solid plans. The Shrine may be inactive until mid-October, which is a very, very long time for me. I hope I’ll be able to do something every now and then, but there are no guarantees.


2 thoughts on “Is The Shrine On Hiatus? This Time, Definitely Yes

  1. These are all interesting. Do all of them. I am intrigued to see the difference between what hurts your brain and what melts your face. There is one, right?

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