ROFLCOPTER: Alan Rickman Being All Snape-Like And Stuff

(below: Alan Rickman, not amused)

To say the least I was bored this morning. A man threw away his issue of The Oregonian on the train and I picked it up because I needed something to occupy my mind. Then I saw a headline about Alan Rickman. I was like, “Really? Alan Rickman?”

Okay, let me explain this. A mention of Alan Rickman in a Portland newspaper is funny to me because he is never in the news to begin with. Why, you ask? Probably because his daily life is so unspeakably, awesomely Rickmanesque (i.e.: epic) that anyone trying to expose it to the world is mysteriously murdered. Everyone knows that.

What made it even funnier is that the “story” wasn’t really news. Any self-respecting Potterhead already knows this stuff. Also, the film franchise ended almost six months ago so it’s kind of irrelevant now. The novelty has worn off. And yet, for some reason on January 5, 2012, my local newspaper was dying to tell its readers all about it.

Read on.

I suppose the what really made me laugh was the implication of Rickman being “difficult” on set. Also, Rickman saying, “I know what is going to happen and you don’t” would instantly make anyone feel stupid. You’d just assume that he was talking about life after death or that he was actually psychic.

I don’t know, maybe it’s the British accent. Maybe it’s what millions of female fans would describe as his “dulcet tones.” Or maybe it’s because it’s freaking Alan Rickman. When he tells you he’s going to play a scene a certain way, you don’t argue. You shit your pants. The guy played Hans Gruber, for God’s sake.

But the thing is Rickman wasn’t being a difficult actor. He was just misunderstood. That made it all the more humorous and implied this was as Snape-like he could ever be.


2 thoughts on “ROFLCOPTER: Alan Rickman Being All Snape-Like And Stuff

  1. Well, If there would be a way, that Alan Rickman could be boring, of course it would be exactly what you describe. Meaning: Selling no news about him for breaking sizzling hot stuff. But as a Rickmaniac everything with a picture of him catches my attention… ROFL :)

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