ROFLCOPTER: The Nice Man From Inception

Okay, so today I was on a break from work when I came across People‘s listing “What I Love This Week.” That particular week- whenever it was- the editors chose Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s upcoming film, Hesher, for the spotlight.

But the praise came out like this:

I read the blurb and my first response was trying not to shoot milk out of my nose. “That nice man?” Oh my God. No way. Okay, I’ll see Hesher. But “nice man”? Really?

I was like, “Did these people even see Inception?” If by “nice man” you mean the super sarcastic dude who beats people up in mid-air and MacGyvers all of his friends out of a deadly situation, then… no, you’re wrong.

That’s a badass.

He was wearing a suit when he did it, though. I guess that was nice.


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